FGNU VNII «Raduga»
Offer developments
Impulse-Local Irrigation, Synchronous Impulse Sprinkler Irrigation and Micro Irrigation Systems.

Synchronous Impulse Sprinkler Irrigation Set KSID-10A

is intended for continuous irrigation of fruit and berry plantations, tea, lawns, vegetables and other farm crops on the area up to 10 ha during the whole vegetative period by means of irrigation flow disperse and simultaneous operation of all impulse sprinklers on the irrigated field.

Technical Characteristics

Water discharge, l/s up to 10

Work head, m from 65

Mean application rate, mm/min 0, 02

Equipment weight, kg up to 9600

It is a module of seasonal-solid set irrigation system arrangement on the plots with complicated relief conditions with a slope up to 0, 3 and with geodesic altitude difference on the plot up to 25 m.

Impulse Micro Sprinkler Irrigation System KIMD-0, 1

It is intended for different farm crops irrigation on open and protected soil by means of the automatic alternation of the certain water volume accumulation in the impulse sprinkler vessel (ID) and its release on the irrigated area in the rain mode.

Technical Characteristics

Water discharge, l/s 0, 1

Working pressure, MPa 0, 25

Nozzle working radius, m 67, 1214

Area irrigated on one position, m3 600

Weight, kg up to 50

Irrigation is performed in the interrupted regime, round-the-clock. The system is produced in three models.

Irrigation System Dozdik-S (Light Rain S)

Is intended for irrigation of berry plantations, flower beds, vegetables, green crops and other crops grown on the near-the house plots and in the country house orchards, with the area up to 600m2.

Technical Characteristics

Discharge, l/s 0, 50

Working head, m 1520

Irrigated area, m2 600

Sprinklers number, pieces 6

Sprinkler working radius, m 610, 5

Application rate, (depth), l/hr/m2 3

Equipment weight, kg 8

It is easily assembled on the plot at any plants growth phase as delivery pipelines are made of flexible PVH pipes with 10 mm and 20 mm diameter.

Impulse Local Irrigation Set KLIP-36M

Is intended for irrigation of the vegetables grown in the greenhouses with the area up to 36m2.

It is easily assembled in any type of greenhouse irrespective of their size or the plants growing phase, because the water delivery pipelines are made from flexible PVH pipes with 8mm diameter.

Technical Characteristics

Discharge, l/hr 260

Working head, m 0, 80

Irrigated area, m2 up to 36

Water outlets (moistened points) number 32

Accumulation vessel capacity, l 10

Effective accumulation vessel capacity, l 6

Working cycle duration, hrs 3, 00, 10

Water discharge, l/m2/24 hours 1, 040

Equipment weight, kg 2, 0

The irrigation is performed automatically, continuously there are no moving parts, with low application rate during a cyclic working regime.

Hydro-Ram System TG-1, 5/10

It is intended for water lifting from the water sources and its delivery to the irrigators or individual consumers.

Technical Characteristics

Water supply height, m no less than 10

Water supply at the height of 10 m, m3/24 hours no less than 1, 5

Accelerating pipe diameter (inner), mm 40

Accelerating pipe length, m 46

Supply head at the accelerating pipe inlet, m 1, 01, 5

Hydro-Ram efficiency 0, 20, 3

Solid-Set Fine Rain Dispersing Sprinkler Irrigation System

It is intended for micro climate monitoring in the close-to-the ground air layer on the perennial crop plantations.

Technical Characteristics

Water discharge for one mast, l/s 0, 5

Working head, m from 30 up to 60

Number of masts for 1 ha, pcs 58

Masts height, m 910

Drop diameter, mkm up to 600

Mast weight, kg 45

Impulse-Local Irrigation System for Production Greenhouses

It is intended for automatic irrigation and fertilizers application to the vegetables grown on the protected soil by means of continuous delivery of water or nutrition solution portions along irrigated area sections with discrete water supply into the moisture centers in the plant root zones.

Mainlines and laterals are made of PVH.

The system is produced in two modifications

Technical Characteristics ILO-0, 4-A ILO-0,4-B

Working discharge, l/s up to 0, 4 up to 0, 4

Working head, m 3, 3 3, 3

Water application rate, l/m2/24 hours 1, 0-35, 0 1, 0-35,0

Weight, kg 170 200

Impulse-Local Sprinkler Irrigation System for Orchards and Vineyards MILOS-M

It is intended for vegetable irrigation delivery according to daily crop water consumption with measured supply of water and fertilizers in a discrete impulse mode into crop root zone.

It is manufactured in three models:

1. MILOS-M for furrow irrigated area of 0, 090, 30 ha;

2. MILOS-M-0, 1 for furrow irrigation area of 0, 090, 29 ha;

3. MILOS-M-0, 2 for split plantations with the area of 0, 210,42 ha.

Technical Characteristics

Irrigated area, ha up to 0, 4

Water discharge, l/s up to 0, 4

Demanded head, m from 3, 0

Plot slope no more than 0,005

Weight, kg 350400

Modernized Sprinkler Irrigation System for vegetable seedlings grown in cassettes in film-covered greenhouses

This solid-set, one-pipeline sprinkler irrigation system with energy-saving deflector short radius sector nozzles as rain making devices ensures in comparison with two-pipelines sprinkler irrigation system equipped with sprinklers PVO-8, the following technical and economical effects:

  • working pressure is decreased in 25%;
  • irrigation water is cleared off hard particles and ferric and magnet impurities;
  • rain-making devices perform their work within greenhouse limits, rain contact with its construction elements is excluded;
  • possibility to fill the greenhouse area with maximal quantity of cassettes and technological management of the irrigation pipelines as one technological pass (land use efficiency coefficient is 0,93);
  • producing of the rain with small drops, which doesnt stress the plants and protects the structure of soil mixture in cassettes;
  • assuring high uniformity of rain application over the irrigated area with uniformity coefficient not less, than 0, 7;
  • metal use decrease in 1, 81, 9 times.

Sprinkler Head mounted on an extend hydrant

It is intended for irrigation of lawns, berry plantations, flower beds, vegetables and green crops on close-to-the house plots and country orchards with the area up to 500m2. It is easily assembled on the plot at any plants growth phase as irrigation water delivery hose is made of flexible PVH pipe with 16 mm diameter. It can be used in greenhouses as well.

Technical Characteristics

Water discharge, l/s up to 0, 25

Working head, m 2535

Irrigated area, m2 up to 500

Sprinkler head working radius, m up to 13

Application rate, mm/min 0, 3

Equipment weight, kg 1, 0

The sprinkler head produces the rain of fine drops and performs the irrigation with low application rate.