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Offer developments
Resource-saving, ecologically safe irrigation equipment.

Electric Center Pivot Kuban-LK 1

Electric Center Pivot (MDEK) Kuban-LK 1 is intended for different farming crops, as well as for high stemmed ones irrigation and can be used on any type soil.

Irrigation is performed in circular moving mode, water and electric power is supplied to the pivot point through the buried pipeline.

Technical Characteristics of the Electric Center Pivot MDEK-474-70

Working pressure at the outlet, MPa (kg/cm2) 0,35 (3,5)

Water discharge at summary zero slope, l/s 70

Irrigated area, ha 72,1

Working radius length, m 479

Mean application rate, mm/min 0,63

Irrigation depth for one pass, mm 9,1-91

Maximal power consumption, kwt 7,5

Water from the irrigation water delivery system is supplied through the pipeline, which due to the low working pressure can be made of the asbestos cement pipes. The check outside irrigation system accessories are placed before the machine, it is activated by the signals from the machine.

Simple maintenance and work reliability are assured by the automatic operation and protection machine systems, which allow irrigate automatically round the clock and without operator presence, and if there is necessity it is possible to shut the machine down at the given point on the field.

Modernization of Center Pivot Fregat at the working irrigation systems

Center Pivot Fregat is modernized by means of change of the serial produced sprinklers for the low intensity nozzles that are ecologically safe, energy and soil saving sprinkler devices, which main part is low angle nozzle of sector type, with improved discharge and pressure characteristics.

The tests approved that irrigation span of the Center Pivot Fregat modernization assures the following technical and economic effects:

  • ecologically safe irrigation;
  • minimization of the negative artificial rain impact on the soil structure;
  • elimination of the soil erosion under irrigation;
  • fine drops rain structure formation with drop size less than 1,0 mm;
  • irrigation water losses on runoff and soil infiltration decrease up to 1520%;
  • soil crusting minimization;
  • irrigation efficiency of the center pivot increase in no less than 0,75;
  • the size of the center pivot wheel track decrease;
  • energy costs of the irrigation decrease in 1518%.


Water Winch DSH-0, 6 P with the equipment set for different irrigation types

It is designed to irrigate farming crops, except the high stemmed ones, on farms, close to the house and selection plots, decorative, orchard crops, and medical herbs in the nurseries, lawns of different destination and flower beds.

Technical Characteristics

Water discharge (maximal),l/s 0,15

Hydrant pressure, MPa 70

Working radius, m up to 8, 0

Area irrigated from one set, m2 201

Weight, kg 14, 5

Area irrigated per season, ha up to 1, 0

Water Winch comprises a set which includes: Water Winch DSH-0,6P; water supply hose; changeable nozzles set for different types of irrigation; extra irrigation wings for irrigated area change on the set; spare parts set.

Water intake is performed from the pressurized water supply line, or from an open reservoir by means of domestic pumps Kama,Agidel, Rodnichok, Malysh and other.

Irrigation is performed in a positional mode when the wings are rotated by the jet reactive force, which is produced by the vertical nozzles, placed under the angle against the axis of the wings. After irrigation depth is realized the Water Winch is moved to another set by hand. Modulus composition of the plot irrigated with hose Water Winch DSH-0,6 P allows to irrigate the plots with the area up to 35 ha when several Water Winches work in groups.

Water Winch DSH-1

It is intended for vegetable crops irrigation as well as for tilled crops grown on farms and close to the house plots with the area up to 1ha, as well as berry plantations, stadiums and lawns of different destination.

Technical Characteristics

Hydrant pressure, MPa 0, 3

Water discharge (maximal), l/s 1, 0

Area irrigated from one set, m2 0, 7

Space between the rows, m 0, 70, 8

Machines weight without the hose, kg 19

Irrigation can be performed in two modes: on a position and in move.

Water is delivered to the irrigation machine through the hydrants from the water delivery pipeline or by domestic pumps which take water from reservoirs or open water ponds.

Irrigation Set KI-5

Irrigation Set KI-5 has movable sprinkler wings and is intended for technical, forage, vegetable and gourd crops, potatoes, hayfields and meadows on turf, sandy, clay, loamy sands, semi-loam soils on the area of 5 ha.

Quickly coupled pipelines which the irrigation set KI-5 comprises can be used to fill the storage reservoirs, ponds for temporary water supply to the livestock housings according to the temporary schedule and for other household needs.

Irrigation Set Ki-5 can take water from the hydrants of buried irrigation pipelines or from movable pump units situated close to the open water source.

Irrigation Set KI-5 is easily assembled it has a simple design and doesnt require any special training of the working staff on the methods of its maintenance.

Technical Characteristics

Water discharge, l/s 5, 07, 0

Head, m up to 52

Irrigated area, ha 5, 05

Single set irrigation area, ha 0,195

Simultaneously working sprinklers number 6

Mean irrigation rate taking into account the overlap, mm/hr 9, 212, 8

Irrigation time on one set for the application depth of 300 m3/ha, hours 3, 12, 4

Irrigation efficiency for 1 hour of the operation time, ha 0,0670, 08

Working stuff, number of persons 1

Rosinka Sprinkler Irrigation Set

This Portative Sprinkler Irrigation Set is designed for orchard and kitchen garden crops irrigation as well as for fruit and berry plantations with small area (up to 600 m2) and comprises quickly assembled equipment made of plastic.

The work organs are low pressure sprinklers which produce the rain with fine drop structure and full circle and sector spray nozzles for selective irrigation.

Simultaneous work of all low discharge sprinklers (MDA) with low irrigation rate protects the crops from the light frosts.

The Sprinkler Irrigation Set comprises: a hose made of PVH, a tee, couplers, low discharge sprinklers, circle and sector spray nozzles with adaptors, a coupling sleeve.

Modernized Irrigation Booms DDA-100MA at the working irrigation systems

Irrigation BoomDDA-100MA is modernized by means of change of the serial produced sprinkler rotating nozzles for the low intensity nozzles of the sector type. These nozzles design and optimized schemes of their spacing allow increase the irrigation quality greatly.

Wide testing of the modernized Irrigation Booms DDA-100 MA in the field conditions let us to confirm the following ADVANTAGES of modernized sprinkler span of the irrigation boom:

Application uniformity is increased in 60%, irrigation rate and drop size is decreased in 40% and 30% consequently. Mean drop impact on soil is decreased in 33%.

  • Application rate before run off begins was increased in 27%.
  • No seed washed out and no soil crusting was observed.
  • Plants germination was increased in 1820%.
  • Green (bare) vegetables quantity was decreased in 45%.
  • Cracked, misshaped and rotten root crops quantity was decreased in 1416%.
  • There wasnt observed any shallow soil layer on the leaf surface of plants.
  • Water and fuel consumption decrease was about 23% and 29% consequently.
  • Possible carrots yield increase per 1 hectare of the irrigated land was about 20%.