FGNU VNII «Raduga»
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The Federal State Research Institution All Russia Scientific and Research Institute for Irrigation and Farming Water Supply Systems Raduga (FGNU VNIIRaduga) was organized in 1966 and now it is a head organization of RF Agriculture Ministry in the field of irrigation technology, irrigation equipment, farming water delivery as well as hydraulic equipment.

The main priority activity branches are:

  • Ecologically safe farming crops irrigation technologies and equipment, irrigation complex technical means for different agricultural landscape types and field rotations, as well as for the farms ;
  • Methods and technical means for multi purpose irrigation systems and irrigation equipment use;
  • Methods, technical means and operation of farming water supply and water delivery systems;
  • Industrial Technologies of building and reconstruction of the irrigation and farming water supply systems;
  • Information and computer complexes for designing and operational irrigation schedules planning, control, operation and registration of irrigation and water supply equipment work.

FGNU VNII RADUGA OFFERS: Irrigation machines and irrigation systems for agricultural enterprises, farms, orchards and kitchen garden plots with the area from 600m2 up to 300ha, as well as for parks, lawns, and flower beds irrigation.

Service Package includes: DESIGNING, DELIVERY, ASSEMBLING, SERVICE MAINTENANCE of native and foreign- made irrigation equipment

140483 Moscow Region, Kolomna District, Settlement Raduzny, 38
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E-mail: raduga@golutvin.ru , winter-raduga@mail.ru