FGNU VNII «Raduga»
Offer developments
Furrow irrigation equipment.

Automated hose reel device ashu – 4

Technical Characteristics
Type Полустационарный
Discharge, l/s 4
Irrigation hose length, m 100
Irrigation width, m 200
Outlet number, 7
Pressure, MPa 0,2 - 0,25
Weight without hose, kg 290
Weight without hose, kg 325
Automated Hose Reel Device ASHU-4 is intended for irrigation from 3 underground lateral hydrants with the furrow length of 150-200 m, for row farming crops with a permanent, changeable or surge flow on soils of mean and low permeability.

Wheel pipeline tkp-90

Technical Characteristics

Discharge, l /s up to90
Head at the hydrant, m 15 - 20
Trailing hoses number 16
Trailing hoses length, m 21,2
Outlet number 41, 27, 21
Weight, kg 5000

Wheel pipeline TKP-90 is intended to irrigate the furrows 400 meters long, making dispersed water delivery in every 50 meters. It can irrigate farm row crops grown on soils with high and mean permeability and comprises two wings with 16 freely rotating couplers. Low pressure, flat rolling trailing hoses are attached to every coupling, having water outlets, spaced according the row spacing. .

Movable discrete irrigation valve set kdp-k

Technical Characteristics

Furrow length, m 200 - 400
Space between the rows, m 0,6 - 0,9
Discharge, l/s 20 - 25
Monitored valve Гидравлический мембранный
с проточной камерой
Generator Гидравлический, гравитационный
Produced impulse duration, min 10 - 260
Transporting hose diameter, mm 160 - 200
Watering hose, diameter, mm 160

This movable discrete irrigation valve set is designed for positional irrigation of farm crops through the furrows with discrete flow rate on the plots with the flumes or closed self-pressurized irrigation pipelines having longitudinal or transversal scheme. The irrigation scheduling is programmed by entering of water delivery surge into the furrow and the pause between the surges duration into the impulse generator. .

Hand-move Irrigation Set PPK-25

Technical characteristics

Type movable, positional mode of working

Discharge, l/s:
- furrow irrigation 25 + 4
- sprinkler irrigation up to 28

Head at the hydrant, m
- furrow irrigation 10…15
- sprinkler irrigation 40…50

One position irrigated area, ha:
furrow irrigation:
-row crops 0,36…0,72
-orchards 1…2

sprinkler irrigation 0,52

Working stuff, men 1 man operates 2 sets

Hand- move irrigation set PPk-25 comprises 4 universal two wheel trolleys, each one of these trolleys has a drum with stored flat-rolling hose on it, water delivery devices: tow watering pipeline for furrow irrigation or medium working length sprinkler set on a riser.