FGNU VNII «Raduga»
Offer developments
Armature for an irrigation

Disc Wicket Gate with hand drive

Disc wicket gate D = 100 mm, = 1,0 MP (Dy= conventional diameter, Py= conventional pressure) with a hand drive (screw grove) is intended to be used as a check valve in irrigation and water supply pipelines on the hydraulic and technical projects and for waste water transporting if it doesnt contain fiber contaminants and inclusions with size more than 0,1 D.

Technical characteristics

Conventional diameter, mm 100

Conventional pressure, MPa 1,0

Force on the hand-wheel (no more), kg 15

Full closing time, sec 20

Assembling position any

Conducted medium water

Conducted medium temperature, º +1+40

Environment temperature, º -50+50

Dimensions, mm: 180460102

Weight, kg 10,2

Check Valve with opening/closing time monitoring

It is intended for back-flow prevention and monitoring of water delivery from the well pumps to the farm water supply and irrigation systems.

Technical characteristics

Conventional passage, mm 100

Conventional pressure, MPa

Monitored opening angle, degrees 170

Mean resource, cycles 10000

Working time, years 10

Dimensions, mm 200215265 Weight, kg 10,2

Anti-Water Hammer Hydraulic Valve

It is intended for on-farm irrigation pipelines protection from the water hammer which occurs when excessive pressure keeps growing. To decrease the excessive pressure to the design range this valve performs a quick connection of the pressurized pipeline to the atmosphere and a certain amount of irrigation water is let out from the pipeline.

Technical characteristics

Type Stationary

Conventional passage, mm 80 100 150

Conventional pressure, MPa 1,6 1,6 1,6

Adjustment By hand

Pressure regulation limits, MPa 0,41,2 0,41,2 0,41,2

Operation rate, sec 0,50,6 0,50,6 0,50,6

Monitoring accuracy, % 10 10 10

Outflow discharge, m3/h (l/sec) no less than 90 no less than 144 no less than 270

(25) (40) (75)

Stand by coefficient No less than 0,99

Dimensions, mm: diameter 290 320 450

height 300 300 350

Weight, kg 18,7 20,9 52,7

The Hydrant Gate for DDN-70 Irrigation Machine

It is intended to be used as a gate valve and a connection unit for the irrigation machine DDN-70 attachment to the buried irrigation pipeline.

Technical characteristics

Conventional passage, 150

Conventional pressure, MPa 0,6

Discharge, l/s 6570

Force on the hand-wheel, kg no more than 20

Dimensions, mm

height 620

width 390

length 280

Weight, kg 15